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PRESS RELEASE: HTL and Echelon Biosciences Inc. announce strategic partnership to advance biopolymer platform and hyaluronic acid research tools

April 2021

HTL, the worldwide leader in biotechnology solutions using hyaluronic acid (HA) and other biopolymers, and Echelon Biosciences Inc., a U.S.-based global supplier of biochemical reagents, assays, and services to research and development laboratories, announce their new distribution and product development partnership. The partnership will enable distribution of high-quality HA and glycosaminoglycan (GAG), and the co-development of novel GAG products.

The partnership provides academic research and pharmaceutical development laboratories expanded access to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-grade, kit-packaged hyaluronic acid and glycosaminoglycan (GAG) products. By offering premium, clinical grade products to early-stage research investigators, the partnership seeks to bridge the gap between lab-based research, development and commercialization, and accelerate innovation worldwide.

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PRESS RELEASE: LabCom GELMECS, a new shared laboratory for biomaterials in regenerative medicine

December 2020

HTL is engaged in the development of biomaterials for regenerative medicine by the creation of a shared laboratory with the RMeS (Regenerative Medicine and Skeleton) research unit: the GELMECS LabCom, based in Nantes, France. Its objective is to develop hydrogels for the pharmaceutical industry, tissue engineering and assisted cell therapy. These new biomaterials using silanized hyaluronic acid have demonstrated their pertinence in terms of interest and efficiency for the creation of injectable bone replacements and cement foams for bone regeneration. Read more below.

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HTL sponsors the 11th World Biomaterials Congress - WBC 2020

December 2020

HTL is proud to sponsor WBC 2020 virtual, the 11th World Biomaterials Congress that will take place online from 11 to 15 December. This event connects an international audience of thousands of biomaterials professionals: researchers, academics, scientists and other representatives from biomedical companies. We are happy to highlight our Scientific Advisor Glenn Prestwich, who will be a keynote speaker at the Special Symposium « Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful biomedical tool » on December 12th. He will be discussing chemically modified Hyaluronic Acid for regenerative and reparative medicine. HTL will also be a virtual exhibitor at WBC, with the objective of developing and strengthening its academic partnerships. More information at

Lockdown: you can count on us

November 2020

Following the latest lockdown measures announced in different parts of the world, HTL would like to confirm that we are able to continue to deliver our products as usual and ensure our customer service. Do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we will continue to work for health and well-being. With the evolving health situation, our responsibility is to maintain continued vigilance. The health and safety of our employees and our community remains our priority. We continue to rigorously apply our enhanced protection system: spreading prevention measures, reorganized workstations, priority for teleworking, cancellation of all trips and visits, reinforced cleaning. Together, let's stay mobilized.

Meet HTL at CPhI Festival of Pharma 2020 from 12 to 16 October

October 2020

As CPhI Worldwide 2020 will take place online for the first time, the HTL team will be ready to join the global pharma industry and network online at the Festival of Pharma from 12 to 16 October. Our team will discuss business and innovation opportunities around biopolymer APIs and raw materials. Together, we continue to develop the potential of biopolymers of non-animal origin: Hyaluronic Acid, Heparosan, Chondroitin and more. Join us and achieve your business goals. Let’s stay connected! Click here to sign up for free

COVID-19: HTL is protecting the safety of its employees and its facility

March 2020

HTL is protecting the safety of its employees and its facility, in order to guarantee supply chain continuity for its clients. Click here to view the statement. Cliquez ici pour visualiser le point de situation.

The HTL team is available to answer your questions or provide further information.

HTL is exhibiting at 22nd IMCAS World Congress

January 2020

HTL works with its clients in the aesthetics sector to take dermal filling and skin rejuvenation to the next level. HTL is exhibiting at the 22nd World Congress IMCAS 2020 in Paris. The International Master Course in Aging Science addresses Youth & Age in dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic science.

HTL at CPhI Worldwide 2019

October 2019

As an API manufacturer, HTL will be exhibiting at the CPhI Worldwide exhibition in Frankfurt, from 5 to 7 November 2019 at stand 42G13 (Hall 4.2). Our team will be available to discuss value creation opportunities with biopolymers in the fields of dermatology, ophthalmology, rheumatology, along with urology, oncology, biomaterials and regenerative medicine. Stop by and come discuss your needs. We look forward to introducing you to our:

  • Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) of non-animal, natural origin, matching your specific demands
  • New GlycosAminoGlycans: Heparosan and Chondroitin
  • Functionalized derivatives of GlycosAminoGlycans, bringing new functionalities to your end products: improved stability, mechanical and biological properties

Come and join us at this leading show!

Press Release: HTL invests in GMP manufacturing capacity

October 2019

HTL invests in GMP manufacturing capacity to support the rapidly growing market of Hyaluronic Acid Medical Applications. HTL announces its investment in a state-of-the-art production facility that will multiply its injectable grade sodium hyaluronate production capacity by 2.5 by 2021. This new capacity represents a much-needed opening in a global market under high pressure. Read more below.

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